Monday, November 24, 2008

Math has taken over my life.... so sorry

I'm positive that most of you have noticed that I haven't posted for almost two weeks now... well here is what has been happening during that time:) I loved teaching at Sera Park! My class is full of chatter boxes but they have so much energy and excitement that can be harnessed.... if I can do this then magical things will happen! (any suggestions?) Here are some of the funny and wacky things that happend during my field work:
We had a little boy run away from school in the morning. They found him at the mall a couple of hours later:)
We went to the Space Center and I have never been so exhausted in my life... except for the mission!!! Moral of the story- field trips are tiring.
My kids aced their pre-test about data analysis so I had to create a NEW one overnight.... that was a grueling task where I literally cut and pasted the problems I wanted to use from worksheets. (our house was full of scraps for a night:)
Most of them failed miserably on my second pre test and it made my day!!! Sounds funny, but I was happy to finally have something to teach.
Who knew that measuring the length of your foot could take sooooooooo long... only in 6th grade!
My first math lesson completely bombed and I came home telling Adam that I didn't know if I would ever be able to teach math...LOL The fourth math lesson went a lot better and I've decided to still pursue my degree (phew:)
I've never had so much fun singing silly songs to break up the day!
Things that I thought would take my kids a short time took forever and the things that I thought would take longer were over in a heart beat... how is that?
There are more that I'm sure I'm forgetting but at least it's a start!
I'll write more now that I'm done teaching math for a bit and my math project is almost finished:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Piece of Humble Pie

Today in church I decided to go to the Gospel Essentials class since Adam had left for home because he wasn't feeling well. We normally go to the regular Gospel Doctrine class but I didn't want to sit in their all by myself so I thought it would be nice to go to a smaller class. Most of the people in that class are newly baptized or becoming active again so we go over the basics (just like on the mission:). Today's lesson was on Jesus Christ. We began by discussing the pre-mortal existence and what Christ's role was during that time. As well know, he chose to follow God's plan and Satan decided to follow his own plan. The teacher then talked about how the 1/3 that followed Satan were thrown out of heaven and not allowed to have a body while the rest of us came down to earth and received a body. This is where my humble pie began.
After she said this, a strong and clear thought came to my mind. The 1/3 did not receive a body but it wasn't really because Heavenly Father wanted to be mean and punish them. (Here comes the gist of my thought) They didn't have a body because they didn't want one and basically told Heavenly Father, "No thanks. I don't need one of those." After expressing this thought a few other thoughts came to me. Many times when the Lord is wanting to bless me I, in affect, say, "No thanks. I don't need one of those." I can get so prideful at times and think that I can do it all by myself. This has become especially clear after my mom died. As I look back I know that Heavenly Father was there with blessing ready for me but I chose not to accept them because I was determined to do it all by myself. Looking at my thinking pattern I feel kind of embaressed but grateful at the same time. I'm realizing more and more that I don't have to do everything alone. I need to depend on the Lord and realize that He has much in store to help me with. While it's important to do all that we can, it doesn't mean that we will be able to do everything. I know that I will be reminded of the lesson I am learning for years to come but I'm so grateful that He lets me learn it, repent and become a better person.
Another thing: I went with Adam to home teach and he shared a quote from Elder Wirthlin's talk this past conference that helped lift my spirits. The topic of his talk was "Come what may and love it." He outlined steps that we needed to learn to deal successfully with life's challenges and I especially hooked into the third step. He said,
"The third thing we can do is understand the principle of compensation. The Lord compensates the faithful for every loss. That which is taken away from those who love the Lord will be added unto them in His own way. While it may not come at the time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude."
There's some of what I learned today. The gospel is true and there is still so much to learn!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Shout Out To Bekah!

Bekah and I have been friends for the the last three years and it has been one of the greatest blessings in my life! She has always been there for me and we have such a good time together doing whatever! She was the greatest roommate I've ever had and I'm so grateful to be her friend and learn how to become an even better friend from her example! Today is her birthday and I want to list at least 26 things that I love about her in honor of her 26 years!
1. Her gorgeous eyes
2. She is a genuine person
3. She does what she knows is right
4. She reminds me of my mom because everyone likes her!
5. She loves bagel pizzas
6. She's always there when I need her
7. She'll let me gab on and on about silly trivial things
8. She lives her testimony
9. She is going to be translated one day
10. She helps me be a better person through her example
11. She will watch sappy love movies with me
12. She calls me often to see how I'm doing
13. My family loves her! (especially Parker and Makenna)
14. She does thoughtful things that make my day!
15. She keeps her room clean
16. She is involved in my life
17. She doesn't fake things and sees the best in everyone
18. We can watch the office and laugh together
19. She'll come down from Salt Lake to see me!
20. She was an amazing missionary!
21. Ella habla espanol y portuguese
22. She let me come home and cry when my mom was getting worse
23. I love her hugs!!!!!
24. She really does continually give of herself
25. She is humble (so humble that she probably thinks I'm exaggerating:)
26. What you see is what you get and I couldn't ask for more chica!
Bek Bek, you are the best lady! I'm am continually grateful to have you as my dearest friend! If you don't know Bekah you should because you're missing out! Happy Birthday and know that you are loved!

Bekah hanging from the wall!

Friday, November 7, 2008

And so it goes

Here is my post. I've got a math unit to plan this weekend. Adam is still not feeling well and my house is a mess. I guess I'll have plenty to do over the weekend, eh? Sorry it's not very exciting. Wait, actually there is one exciting thing: The kids begged me to eat lunch with them in the lunch room today! I'm a regular American Idol don't you think? It's great to have 12 year olds as fans!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My childhood fulfilled!

So, you'll read later about our not so good trip to Vegas and St. George but some good did actually come about:) First things first:
Do you remember Zoltar from the movie "BIG"? Well while we were at Circus Circus I found him! I couldn't resist taking a picture! I still remember wanting to find Zoltar and make a wish to be a grown up after I watched that movie! So if you had the same wish, Zoltar can be found in Vegas at Circus Circus.
After the fall out with our friends, I took Adam to Excalibur. The first time I stayed there my parents surprised us by not telling us we were staying there until we were driving past. I was so excited!!! Life couldn't have been better for a 12 year old girl! I had some confusion with mashed potatoes and horseradish, but it cleared itself up quickly... LOL Yet, when it came time to go to the kids games I was determined to win something in the knight/horse race. All I had to do was roll a ball into different holes and beat everyone else to the end and the coveted stuffed animal would be mine! In the end, it never happened and I was very disappointed. Flashing forward, since I hadn't been to vegas in years, I knew that I needed to try again. Adam and I sat down to a full competition and the race began! I rolled my ball three times and then............ it got stuck! I sat the rest of the race watching my opportunity pass me by. Don't be sad yet though because I told the worker what had happened and that I was hoping to get a new game for free. She didn't give me a new game but did present me with my coveted stuffed animal! I know all of this is quite trivial but I couldn't stop grinning after that!

This is what Adam would look like if he were a skater! Enjoy! (in case you're wondering, it's a hair piece that we found at one of the kiosks in the mile shopping center)

Worst Week

You may wonder why I have such a scandelous poster in this post but I will explain. Adam and I have started to watch the new sitcom "Worst Week". We love it and we hate it all at the same time! We feel bad for all of the bad things that happen to him but we can't help having a good laugh:) Although, last week was about my worst week ever. We had a really rocky trip to St. George with some of our friends (but I learned who my real friends were) and my mom's birthday hit me harder than I thought it would. The good news is that the gospel is true and that after some long prayers and humbling, life has turned out better and it has "worked for my good."

Bah... I missed some days

I'm really going to try and make up for missing a few days with about three new posts:) My 6th grade class has been awesome!! They get a little chatty at times but they are a lot of fun! Miss Greaves has actually had me teaching almost every day so it has helped me to build connections with the kids! We had a field trip yesterday to the Christa McAulliffe Space Center in PG. We had prepared them for a couple of days for their "mission" on the Star Trek Voyager and were happy to see them perform with flying colors! If you haven't been to the Space Camp at Central Elementary School you should really plan a trip! They put you in a simulator where you and your crew have to complete a mission. You run the ship and your decisions really do make a difference! I had been there before with some friends in college so it wasn't my first time. Yet, because I came as a "teacher" they let me stay in the control room and see how things work behind the scenes. It was awesome! One thing I did learn was that field trips are not relaxing at all. I was more tired after a full day field trip than a full day of teaching!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The First Day of School

Today I started my field work at Scera Park and got to teach right away! Miss Greaves had to go to a meeting for most of the morning and asked me to teach the kids what they needed to know for a trip to the space center on Wednesday. Some of them couldn't quite remember who I was and others were excited to see me back! They are quite the lively batch of students but it'll be fun to harness all of the energy:)
As I was walking down the halls I couldn't help but feel my mom by my side. I get that feeling every so often and cherish it in my heart. I am gaining an appreciation for all she did in the classroom as I see what it really required of her. My dad, Brooke, the kids, my grandma Joyce and I went to the cemetery and placed some daisies and sunflowers on Briana and my mom's grave. It was nice to be together. I also spent some time over at Brooke's playing with the kids. I love being around them, not just because they are fun and adorable, but because I know that my mom is there playing with us. She loves her grandkids and I'm sure she doesn't want to miss a day of their lives:)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Festivities!

We had an awesome Halloween party with our friends, Camie, JD, Bryce and Rachel! We all met in the ward and have a lot of fun together! We ate chocolate and cheese fondue with bread, pretzels and fruit. I've never really had fondue before but I must say that I'm a believer! Cami and JD made some tasty and bubbly apple cider and also provided the pumpkins! They have been growing them all summer and there were huge ones as well as small ones. The boys carved the gigantic ones and the girls carved the smaller ones:) We listened to some old school halloween music and chatted about past Halloweens! We are so grateful to have wonderful friends like them! Here are some pictures to document our adventure:
Everyone's spooky and awesome Jack-o-lanterns!!!
Adam's is the large one on the left and mine is the bull on the right
My battle wound when my pumpkin bit back:)
My "tat" of "I love Jesus"
Our Jail Bird Costumes (thanks Tress and Kevin!)
JD making some bubbly brew while Cami changed into her costume. They were John McCain and Sarah Palin!!! Freaking Awesome costumes!
Rachel and Bryce McEwen...we love them!
At Cornbelly's with some of the Young Marrieds in our ward

Saturday, November 1, 2008

National Blogging Month!

Yesterday we ended the night by going to Wade and Paula's house to play some games and gawk(sp?) over Wyatt as usual!! While we were there Paula reminded me that November is National Blogging Month and that I needed to post EVERYDAY! (LOL) I remember her writing about it in one of her earlier posts but I've decided to give it a try. I'm going to start my field experience at Scera next Monday so I'm sure I'll have plenty to share each day!
Now time for some catch up with pictures:
For our anniversary we stayed a night at the Little America in Salt Lake. We stayed there for the beginning of our honeymoon as well. Adam kept telling me that we were going somewhere but would never tell me where or what I needed to pack! Now, for those of you that know me I have a hard time with surprises that I can't plan for.... I think it stems from my control freak side (and some wonder why I'm going to be a's the perfect job for control freaks!!! ha ha ha). The poor kid had to endure questions for a week. I tried everything I could to get him to squeek but nothing worked. Finally, the day after our anniversary when we were supposed to go away on a "trip" I freaked out a little bit because I wanted to know how much money we were going to spend since Adam had told me were going to San Diego or maybe Mesquite or maybe Park City.... can you imagine my frustation..?! I know I'm such a dork. Back to the story, Adam let me be frustrated for a bit until he finally cracked and told me we were only going to Salt Lake. I really do have a wonderful husband! He puts up with so much from me.
Feeling bad about ruining the surprise a few hours early, I agreed to go shooting at a rifle range in Salt Lake. Here are some of the pictures.
Adam shooting his 22 ( or at least I think that is what it's called:)

Me shooting the same gun. It was so loud in there!

Shooting what I called the "war gun". It took Adam a good five minutes to convince me to shoot it. I was weary of it because it looked like a gun that you would use in a war. He was so excited to shoot it though and doubly excited when I agreed to shoot it a couple of times.