Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Final Cut



Here are the final selections from our engagement photos, before I make a decision on the ones to use. Please tell me which ones you like!

My DRESS!!!!!!!

I finally got a picture off of Allysse's website of my dress! So here it is for all those who haven't seen it yet! The pic isn't super big, but if I make it any bigger it doesn't really show it. There are two ribbons that tie in the front, but we had them removed and added a raspberry sash and a broche! We also added beading to the neckline:) I know that everyone really wants me to wear that hat..... but I simply just can't afford it...LOL
I'm taking my bridals this next monday. My engagement pictures are done but I haven't gotten the CD from Jen so I'll post the website and you all can go to it.
"You can view your pictures at your password is: spain"
After you type in spain, then you have to fill in as my email and then type in my first and last name. Let me know what some of your favorites are! Love you all!!!

My heart belongs in San Francisco!

We had the annual girls weekend a few weeks ago in San Francisco and I loved it! I have never seen my aunts get so silly?! It was a side that only comes out when the kids and husbands are gone for sure:) Brooke and I really did love our trip and now I can say that I've been to San Fran! I wasn't sure that I wanted to go when I woke up at 4:00 am to catch our plane, but the lack of sleep turned out to be very worth it! The 5 Star hotel that Kim found was perfect, even if the elevators made weird nature noises and smelled like sandal wood. :) The House of Nan-King was "interesting" and the food left you full for hours. Good News!! My knees survived walking around China Town and up Lombard Street! I was a little worried but walking sideways down the hills saved the day, even if I did look pretty funny. My favorite place to eat was the little Italian Cafe, Volare, that we discovered through free samples of Bruschetta. I got to eat the purple olives that I love so much and feel like I was in the Mediterranean again!!!

I kept commenting to Grandma and others that being in the middle of San Fran felt like being in Spain. It's funny how many large cities have the same smells, sounds and sights even if they are on different continents. Walking around everywhere reminded me of being in Sevilla and I loved every minute of it! Oh how I miss Sevilla, but I'm so happy to be in America!

I told Adam that we need to go to San Francisco one day so that we can walk around China town, go to the pier and take in the many cultures that live there..... oh and especially so that we can see the "BUSH MAN", otherwise our trip wouldn't be complete! I'm super excited for the next girls weekend and can hardly wait!

After we climbed Lombard Street

Waiting to board the boat for Sausalito Island
All of us before we left for the airport!