Monday, March 14, 2011

35 Weeks and More Pictures

35 weeks down...

5 more weeks to go and we are so excited! Braxton hicks contractions are coming more frequently and our little boy keeps busy inside my bump. He really likes to stretch one arm and one leg out at the same time, giving me a partially flat tummy:). I definitely feel like there are a million things to do to get ready for this baby, but we've got to take it one day at a time. We are super excited to meet our little boy and can't believe it is so close!

Crib and Crib Bedding

Nursery in the making...

Every blanket carries a story...

Every Blanket carries with it a story, whether it's homemade or bought. Here are some of the blankets that we have received for our little boy and the stories that go with them.

Blanket from Mom

I have really wanted a blanket from my mom, but seeing that the spirit world doesn't have Fedex, that was not going to happen. Then, as usual, Heavenly Father sent a tender mercy our way. Six years ago, my mom and Aunt Amy were at the fabric store when my mom found some fabric that she wanted to use to make my nephew, Parker (who was yet to be born), a blanket. Amy liked the fabric as well and decided to buy the same fabric and make it for her son Jake. She never ended up making that blanket. Six years later Amy used that same fabric to make me the same blanket as Parker's. I couldn't have asked for a more tender mercy than this one, that started 6 years ago. I snuggle with that blanket quite often and it brings comfort to the void that still aches for my mom. Thank you Amy! Words cannot express how this blanket touches my life and will touch the life of our sweet baby boy.

Tress' blanket

Again, Tress found this fabric before we were even pregnant and decided that it reminded her of Adam. She started making it before we found out we were having a boy and crossed her fingers that she would be able to give it to us soon. She spent a lot of time on it and kept us in suspense for months. After much anticipation we finally got it and we love it! It fits our little boy perfectly!

The fish blanket

As most of you know, Adam carried this fabric with him for 20 minutes before I consented to buy it and make a blanket. After a few trips to the store we finally found binding that matched. Although I'm not sure it will make many pubic debuts, I've grown to like it and Adam has grown to love it even more!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

34.5 Weeks and counting....

So I haven't posted for awhile because the term ended and I had to get all of the late assignments graded and entered which took over my life for a few days. I've also been soooooo tired and have yet to take another picture to post. I promise to take a picture this afternoon and post it in all it's glory! :) My doctor moved away so I've started to go to a midwife near Orem Community Hospital. She is great and I'm excited that she'll be there for the entire experience as a support. She moved my due date from the 26th to the 19th based on the ultrasounds she's looked at, so technically I have one week less then I did before. I do realize though, that this baby will come when he comes and my due date is just a technicality. We are still set on Steven as his name, unless for some reason he doesn't look like a Steven when he comes out:). I'm so excited to meet him and see his little face! Only 5.5 weeks (plus or minus) and I still can't believe how close it is. Adam is so excited for this little boy but we are both anxious and nervous as well.
We've almost finished the nursery and I'll post some pictures of it soon. My family threw me a baby shower a few weeks ago and we got so many cute and much needed things for the wee babe! It has been a thrill to walk into his room and imagine a baby there, even though I know that my sleepless nights are coming up soon! I've been pretty blessed during this pregnancy and have been able to work and keep up with my schedule. I still feel like my body is slowly falling apart but I'm still trucking along!