Friday, May 17, 2013

Steven at 2!

Steven is my ever so handsome, melts my heart with a smile (while driving me up the wall within seconds of said smile J ), sweet little boy!  I still can’t believe that he is two and has grown up so much.  I can still remember snuggling him as a newborn.  At his two year check up he was 36.5 inches tall and 31 pounds.  He is still in the upper 90th percentile in everything… don’t think that is going to change anytime soon.  My love continues to grow for him, as does his need for independence.  He is learning new things everyday and he amazes me with each new “thing”.  It really is so much fun to see him discover new things!  While the terrible twos have been happening for quite some time now at our house, I am so grateful to be his mom and learn new ways of how to be a great mom for him each day.  Here are some fun facts and memories about my sweet little heartbreaker/destroyer:

·      He wants to do everything by himself… everything.
·      He is a pro at pointing (literally) out Noah’s eyes… LOL
·      He loves books!
·      This kid will go outside whenever he gets the chance, whether it is feeding the dogs, going on a walk, playing in the sandbox or watching Dad work in the yard. 
·      He has two speeds: 0 and 90 mph
·      He is our little parrot, mimicking everything we do.
·      He pretty much understands everything we say to him, although he is not so good on the follow through sometimes.
·      He loves his cousins!  Especially Parker, Makenna and Duncan-  It is so cute when he sees them!  #Ineedtorecorditasap
·      He is a great big brother and is constantly trying to “help” me take care of Noah.
·      Whenever he says, “love you”, he puts his head on his shoulder.
·      He LOVES my drinks.  It doesn’t matter if we have the exact same beverage.  He wants to drink out of mommy’s cup, no joke…every time.
·      He loves tractors, planes, trucks, bikes, trains, etc. 
·      His favorite show is Curious George, hands down. 
·      He hoards binkies.  I don’t know where he hides them.
·      He is pretty good and fessing up to whatever mischief he has done when I ask him about it.  Case in point:  I left the bathroom for a second while he was in the tub.  When I came back, the water was white and murky.  I asked him if he had gotten into daddy’s soap while I was gone.  He looked at me, looked at the water, paused for a second and said, “yessssss”.  Love him!
·      All blue trucks are daddy’s and all red trucks are “bumpa’s”.
·      He LOVES popsicles and frozen Gogurts. 
·      He still pretty much eats anything but some days he won’t eat anything.
·      He wants to be a part of pretty much everything I do and will literally push his way through to be able to see J
·      He loves his toddler bed and will go into his room just to play on it. 
·      He has no fear of anything on the playground and he’s going to give me a heart attack by 35!  LOL
Love my little munchkin!  Even though he can be so challenging and iron willed at times, I love him so much and am excited to be home with him permanently in a few weeks!

 At Thanksgiving Point with Duncan.

 My creative genius!  He wanted to keep dancing but I told him he had to hold his drink.  His solution... put the drink in his shirt and continue to dance!

 We love sitting in the wipes box apparently.

 He really does want to be just like daddy most of the time!

 Eating his birthday breakfast at Carl's Junior!  My parents always took just us out for a meal on our birthdays!  I loved it and want to continue that tradition with my kids!

 Riding the Frontrunner train for his birthday outing.  He was in heaven!

 Helping out by picking up rocks at Grandma Fieber's!

 Having a sleep over with Parker at our house!  

 "I wear my sunglasses at night!"  Crazy kid.

Moral support for Noah during Tummy Time!