Sunday, May 22, 2011

1 Month Old

Steven is a month old today! We've kept him alive so far, so the future looks promising :) I still can't believe that a month has passed by so quickly. It literally feels like we left the hospital last week. He has changed so much each week and we feel so blessed to have him! At his last appointment he had gained 1 1/2 lbs in 11 days, so it's safe to say that he's getting enough food and still growing. He had his first appearance at church today and was the star of the show. Everyone commented on how much he looked like Adam and I couldn't agree more! I'm lucky to have two very handsome men in my life!

Steven started smiling at us on Saturday and we can't get enough of it! He melts my heart every time... and he also started to make some fun baby sounds when I was lying on the floor with him on Saturday. I think that he is definitely a keeper and am so excited to have the summer to just be with him! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Holding up his head.... he almost refuses to leave it down:)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our life so far...

So I figured that since Steven is now 3 weeks old I could find some time to update our blog with pictures and news. :) We'll start from the beginning and work our way forward.

Delivery Day:
We headed to the hospital at 6:30 AM, checked in and got ready to have a baby! They started to induce me around 7:30 and then broke my water. I lasted until 9:30 and then decided to get the epidural in. My contractions weren't horrible but I definitely couldn't talk through them and my midwife reminded me that she didn't hand out gold stars for pain tolerance (LOL)! The epidural was heaven and I didn't feel anything but pressure after it. I kept progressing until about 3 PM when I was at 7 cm. I stayed at a 7 until 8:00, when I spiked a fever. The fever meant that there was bacteria in my uterus that put me and the baby at risk unless I delivered soon. Apparently the infection would make it so that my uterus wouldn't be able to contract as well, which would make a vaginal delivery impossible. The midwife told me how sorry she was, but that I would need to get a C-section. I've had major surgery before so the idea of a C-section didn't scare me. I was mostly worried about little Steven being okay and not harmed. I was disappointed to not deliver the "normal" way and felt like I was going to completely miss out on "giving birth" but the most important thing was my health and his, so they gave me more drugs and we headed into the OR. It took about 20 minutes to get the wee babe out and I still remember the doctors and nurses reaction of, "WOW! That's a big baby!" when they pulled him out. I got to see Steven for a few seconds before Adam had to go with the nurse to get him checked out and bathed.
Laying on the table with Adam gone was not the preferred way to spend the first 30 minutes of our babie's life but I was so excited (and extremely tired) to see him when they wheeled me into our room! I couldn't feel my legs or sit up so it was sort of challenging to hold him but we made it work:). I loved seeing Adam with him and was so excited to be able to sit up and hold our baby!
Unfortunately I was not able to hold him again for almost an entire day. They had me feed him a few hours after he was born and told me that they needed to get his blood sugar levels up. I was still pretty drugged from the surgery and couldn't even feel my legs, so I don't remember what time it was at all. I fed him, they took him to the nursery and I fell back asleep. The next thing I remember was Adam waking me up and telling me that they were admitting Steven into the NICU because his blood sugar was dangerously low. I just cried and kept asking Adam question after question. They told me to not worry and get some rest (yeah right!). The next morning they tried to sit me up so that I could get in the wheel chair and go see him..... but I still couldn't sit up without throwing up and getting dizzy. I was still exhausted and completely emotional at this point and just kept sobbing. Later that afternoon, I could finally get into the wheelchair and was so ready to get down to the NICU and see Steven. Luckily, Adam was able to always check on him, change his diapers and feed him with what I had pumped, although Steven still needed formula to keep his blood sugar levels up. The next 4 days were long and crazy but on Tuesday Steven was taken out of the NICU and we were discharged later that night!

The first three weeks:
Steven is such a good baby! He really only cries or fusses when he is hungry or needs a diaper change. He's been sleeping about 3 hours at a time during the night and has been nursing like a champ! He still needs to be supplemented with formula every once in awhile but he gained a half of a pound last week, so apparently he's getting enough food:) He has almost outgrown his newborn clothes and is tall enough for his 0-3 month clothes! I have learned how to survive on 2 hour stretches of sleep and am loving the time I have to spend with him all day! So many people were so wonderful and have helped us with overnight stays, food and company! Here are a few things that Steven has been doing as well:

Turning from his belly to his back..... seriously... we're not joking! He has done it 6 + times when we have tummy time.
Holding his head up straight for 5 seconds or more.
Giggling and smiling while he sleeps ( I swear he's having conversations with my mom and sister:)
Pooping on the outside of his diaper while leaving the inside almost completely clean.
Focusing on our faces.
Gaining a 1/2 pound in a week!
Sleeping for 3 hours at a time.
Making us fall in love with him everyday!

Here are his stats from his last appointment as well:
22 inches (90th percentile)
9 lbs 7 oz (72nd percentile)
We certainly love our little boy and feel so blessed to have him in our family!