Sunday, November 22, 2009


The almost unsurmountable pile of laundry that keeps coming back to my house. Seriously, I'm offering a reward for whoever finds the person that keeps doing laundry and not folding it:)

What I come home to....

I look forward to seeing these three little faces everyday after work and when we come back from vacation! And this is what we see every time (except Chancey is usually waiting right by the gate rather than up on the porch.

I'm sure that some people look at us with our three dogs and think that we are poster children for Elder Oaks talk about having dogs instead of kids, but we love them and are excited to introduce our kids to them. They have been a nice trial run at parenting before we have kids. :) And for those who are worried... we will have kids sooner than later.

The newest additions


Who was I kidding? When we got Puma I said, "Oh we'll have her for a while and then we'll find her a good home." That didn't happen and we decided to keep her. She is such a good pup and I can't imagine not having her as a dog. We sure do love this little puppy and look forward to having her for many years to come.

We traded in the Honda and got a new 2009 Ford F150. Some eye candy for you truck lovers.

The Prince

Here are some pictures of the Bunker's broken leg that I had posted about earlier. He sure felt like a prince for the five days that he got to be inside and a little pampered.
Bunker the day that he broke his leg. Sitting like a prince inside the warm house with two pillows.

Bunker now that his splint is off.

Up close picture of Bunker's leg. He has a steel pin inside of it.

Remembering and Celebrating

November and December are always a little somber and reflective with the holidays, my mom and Briana's birthdays and my mom's passing. I guess I should be grateful that it is all rolled up into a couple of months rather than spaced out. Yet, even though there is reason to be gloomy I still find reason to celebrate. I celebrate the life they both lived and how intimately connected I am to both of them. They may not be right here in front of my face but they are always there. My family was and still is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I celebrate the times we had together, the memories and lessons learned. Now my "family" is different but that doesn't take away from what I knew and loved for 23 years. I wish that my Adam could have met my mom and Briana but I feel so grateful when I get the chance to tell him a funny story or cry about something I remember. It is a time of sweet tenderness, with some tears, when I get the chance to tell someone about my mom and sister. How grateful I am for the gospel that has taught me to take a time of sadness and turn it into something sweet. Love you Mom and Bri.
Mom's grave

Briana's Grave with Sunflowers

I heart this face!

Love you babe!

UEA trip... forgot to take pictures

My new friend....... The bronze moose pirate
We went to Colorado over UEA break to visit Chad and Candace and help out at their new house. I had fun spending time with Candace, Kenzie and Braden while Adam put up base board and almost finished the deck with Chad. We wish we could have spent more time but UEA break is only a couple of days. Thanks Chad and Candace and we look forward to seeing you at Christmas!

The random bronze moose that we saw in a little town in Colorado. It was dressed like a pirate. We also found out that there are only $6 Subway footlongs in this town. (Weird)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


That is all I have been doing for a couple of days since grades are due this Friday. Blah..... my eyes are tired of looking at the same papers over again. Yet it comes with the territory and I should have kept up on it daily or weekly so that I didn't have TWO huge piles of assignments to be graded at the end of the term:). I will almost be MIA until after Friday, for those who contact me regularly. (HA)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Things I'm excited for!!!

With the holidays creeping up on us here are some of the things that I have been waiting all year for!

- Christmas Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a little obsessed.

-Thanksgiving Break (3 days to just chill)

-Black Friday!!!!!!!!

-Day After Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches- Turkey never tasted so good:)

-Christmas crafts with my class

-Decorating my house for Christmas

-Giving people presents

-Sleeping in with Adam

-Getting paid over Christmas Break

-Seeing family

-Not getting stuck in the snow:) Crossing my fingers for that one

-Ice Skating

-Snowball fight in the backyard!

-Sweaters, cardigans and scarfs!

-Christmas candle scents!

-New movies in the theatre

-Dutch Christmas!!!!!

I love, love, love/heart Christmas time. I've already got my music ready to go!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here is my post

We just spent too much money on a movie. We saw "Michael Jackson: This is it" on a whim. All I can say is that I saw it. It was alright, the best part was seeing MJ dance. It's back to the dollar theatre for us:)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I can hardly believe it

It has been three years since I last heard my mother's voice. I can still remember and hear her voice vividly in my mind. You just never realize how endearing your mother's voice is until you can't hear it anymore. All I have are the memories of things she has said to me and I do my best to think about how she would say things when I need her advice. In honor of her I'm going to list some of the sayings that were "hers" that come to me when I need them. :)

-Tough Titty said the kitty when the milk went dry. (I never realized the literal meaning of that until last year and can't believe my mom said that to us:)

-Skiwompus (I still say this to my students when things are crooked)

-Time to get up (She would sing this in the morning.... how I hated it back then and how long to hear it now)

- It'll all work out in the end (someday right?.... )

- You're being silly Jamie (I remember that one a lot)

- Did you finish your homework? ( .......... I think you can figure out that she said that daily)

- Jamie put your dishes/shoes away! (I'm getting better. I don't leave them for days anymore)

- Have you found a job yet? (Every summer and semester that I procrastinated finding one)

- You'll find someone someday. (I did!!!!!)

- Guckies (said for anything you shouldn't put in your mouth)

- I love you Jamie D. (My favorite)

The years continue to pass by but my memories remain with me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm already one day behind.....

My sister-in-law Paula has reminded me that it is National Blogging Month.... and I'm already one day behind but I'm going to attempt it and upload pictures later. :) ( This is all for you Paula.... consider it a part of your birthday present:) We have lots to report on so here is a brief list.

Friday, October 30: I made it through the craziness of Halloween at school. Two Halloween Parades, a party later and I'm still alive. So tired.

Saturday, October 31: Woke up late, did a little laundry, took the dogs to the park to play fetch and then.....................headed to the vet because Bunker BROKE his leg! Snapped the radius and ulna in his left front leg. $440 later we find out that they are wrapping his leg, giving us some pain meds, x-rays, and telling us that he needs to have a $1,200 surgery. WHAT?! Kids definitely seem cheaper than dogs at this point. We decided to just take him home and talk to OUR vet on Monday.

Sunday, November 1: Didn't sleep well because Bunker was whimpering most of the night and having to be carried outside to do his business. Made it through church and then remembered it was my Mom's birthday. Still happy but miss her lots. Went to dinner at my sisters, visited the cemetery with everybody, got free school stuff and then spent time with Adam.

Monday, November 2: Found out that OUR vet is able to fix Bunker for $300 and felt so relieved! Went to dinner with my Dad and sister to celebrate my mom's birthday and really enjoyed it:) Came home to an empty house and had some time to ponder. Good times and happy days. My mom is awesome and I'm so blessed to be known as her daughter! Just gotta keep looking for those blessings and being cheery.