Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!






Please feel free to send all celebration gifts via check or money order:)
Adam has planned a surprise for me tonight but I don't know what it is, so I'll post more later after it happens!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm a nut

So instead of taking a relaxing summer, and being a stay at home wife again, I'm going to be a tutor at Sylvan Learning Center in Orem. I'm actually really excited! Working with my students one-on-one is something I wish I had more time to do, so I get to practice a lot at Sylvan! The hours and pay are good and I'll only be working about 20 hours a week, so I still get somewhat of a break but also get to pad our savings account:). Maybe next summer I'll take a break and galavant to all of the places I've been dreaming about!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Just some little notes for you viewing pleasure!

Dear Spring Break- How did you pass by so quickly? Couldn't you stay a few days longer so that I can be lazy and sleep in until 8? If you would take my suggestion into consideration and let me know before Monday morning at 5:45 AM when my alarm goes off, that would be fabulous!

Dear yard- If you could take care of yourself that would help a lot. I'm more than willing to pick up after you every once in a while but we really need to teach you responsibility. It'll be good for you in the long run. The shovel, lawn mower and anything else you need are conveniently located in the shed.

Dear Skyward Grading System- I have a brilliant idea that could make you lots of money! We should create a scanner that recognizes the name, subject and score of an assignment so that all I have to do is put the paper under the scanner and you magically enter my grades! What do you think? It would create a lot more free time and reduce the cramping in my wrist:)

Dear dogs- Please remember that we put up a fence around the garden for a reason. I know the birds that land there are very tempting but remember that running in the garden is not a way to get a treat from us.

Dear laundry next to the dryer- We seem to have a disfunctional relationship because the only time you receive my attention is when I can't stand the sight of you anymore. We should work on that. Maybe I could talk to the fairies from Sleeping Beauty and they could take care of you once a week.

Dear Dad- I know that galavanting to Hawaii is wonderful but really... did you have to go over my spring break when I actually had time to see you during the day? And I could have fit in your suitcase had I been given enough notice:)

Dear extra padding- I know you like me but I don't like you and never will. I know that Mr. Gym and I have been estranged but I guess I need to revive our relationship in order to get you out of my life for good.

Dear new dishwasher- Leaking is never a good option.

Dear Adam- thanks for being patient with your "psychotic it's 1 in the morning" wife when she goes from laughing, to crying, to joking, to angry in the space of 5 minutes. Your continued support and love is much appreciated.

Dear limeade- You are my sunshine. Enough said. Thanks to Kevin for introducing me to what I've been missing all these years!

Dear X-Box- If you could just take a short vacation and let us be with our husbands more than one weekend night that would be fabulous. I wouldn't mind writing a note to each of them if that would help you:0) I'm sure that Candace, Paula, Tress and Brooke would pitch in and help as well.

Dear Heavenly Father- thanks for giving me strength when I feel overwhelmed and for helping me realize the blessings that are all around me. Life is uncertain but I know that even though I can't see the way, you have already prepared it. I've learned that my faith still needs some growing pains.

Dear Highway Patrol Man- Thank you for pulling me over and just giving me a warning. I needed it that day and you were very nice. I will never go more than 25 on that road again.