Monday, February 9, 2009

Finally the Tile!!!

Here are the pictures that I'm sure you've all been waiting for!

The Newest Fie!ber

Scott and Brooke Fieber!!! February 6, 2009
Scotty and Brooke tied the knot this past Friday in the Salt Lake Temple. It was awesome to be able to be in the temple with all of Adam's family. The wedding was beautiful and the rain stopped long enough to get all of their pictures. Welcome to the family Brooke! We're excited to have you!
Love this man!
Having fun at the reception.
Adam laughing hysterically while standing in the line.
He read this joke from a laffy taffy that caused this look on his face! Why was the cop in bed? Answer: Because he was an undercover cop! The catch is that he told this joke to someone standing in line, who happenend to be a cop. Adam and his brothers laughed for about twenty minutes over this.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Work In Progress

So Adam and I finally got the tile for our kitchen and rounded up some help yesterday to put it all in. Our help came from: my dad, Adam's dad, Wade, Andrew and Danny (our neighbor across the street). Honorary mentions go to Tress, Paula, Wyatt and Liz for their delightful company!! Adam started ripping up the pergo floor on Thursday morning and discovered that there were two layers of linolium underneath it. It was very retro and hard to get off of the floor, due the gazillion staples and nails underneath, until my Dad came to the rescue with his almost endless supply of tools. We finished getting the flooring completely removed on Saturday morning. Then Adam, my dad and Kevin (Adam's dad) set about putting down backerboard. We finished getting the backerboard down at about 2 and then we got a center line of tile finished as well as most of the dining room. We still have the other half of the kitchen to put down but we'll finish that tomorrow with my dad's help. Also, if Bryan Alhberg hadn't helped us with a discount on the tile it wouldn't be happening! Thanks Bryan!
I have learned that if you ever decide to do tile, take Thursday and Friday off so that you'll be finished by Saturday night:) It looks great but it has put me out of a kitchen and living room for 3 days and counting. We will start grouting on Tuesday night, so I won't have my kitchen until Thursday:( If any of you would like to invite us to dinner that would be lovely... hint, hint... otherwise we will be eating out. If the second option tickles your fancy you are more than welcome to come with us!! Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure!
The Beginning
Backerboard finished!!!
The Living Room
The Tile!!