Thursday, July 24, 2008

Park City....nine women...what could happen?

This past weekend, I went with my grandma, aunts and cousins to Park City for the annual girls weekend! I can remember when I was younger I always wanted to go with my mom when she went but wasn't quite old enough. They always had funny stories to tell after they came back and let me tell you... it doesn't get any better than this! We started the weekend with a movie and dinner. We saw a matinee of "Mama Mia" and it set the mood for the rest of the time!! After the movie we all felt we needed to become part of the film and sing and dance around Park City. Amy helped to facilitate this by buying the Mama Mia soundtrack during a treat run. We listened to Abba every night while singing, playing cards and dancing around. Kim has the evidence on her camera... even if some of it might not be suitable for children!!! LOL It's always so much fun to see how my aunts act when their husbands and children are away. I wish I could have seen how my mom acted while she was away, but there are plenty of stories to go around from my aunts and I always feel my mom a little more near when we are with her sisters!

The whole gang together for one crazy and extremely fun weekend!!!!
Grandma Tate, Lauren, Me and Emily (The up and coming generation of girls weekend)

This has been a tradition since San Francisco...jumping pictures!!

My aunts and grandma on saturday morning. We were ready to go shopping and get pampered!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Newest Addition to the Fiebers!!!

Paula and Wade had a beautiful baby boy, named Wyatt Kevin, on Monday, July 14! The labor wasn't the funnest of things (Saturday to Monday morning), BUT she was a trooper through it all! He is adorable and a pretty good baby! Adam and I are so excited to be an aunt and uncle again so that we can come for play time and give them back if they cry!! LOL My sister and sisters-in-law have produced some pretty cute and adorable babies... now Adam and I know that we have some hard competition when we have kids:) Thanks to Paula's blog for letting me swipe pictures!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Heart Belongs in Seattle (Complete with Pictures Galore!)

As most of you already know, from Brooke's post, Adam and I flew to Seattle last week and spent Wednesday thru Sunday with the Barnes! It was such a fun vacation and it was awesome to see Brooke, Andrew and especially Parker and Makenna! We went to the Northwest Wildlife Trek where we saw animals and experienced one of the worst allergy attacks yet to happen this summer. We also got to eat at the Space Needle and see the Woodland Park Zoo. For the last couple of days we had quite the fiasco getting to Friday Harbour, Pike Street and Snoqualmie Falls but what is a vacation without some unplanned mishaps! Now for the fun part... here are some of the pictures we took with commentary underneath: (Honestly, we know that you don't care as much about what I write compared to what pictures I put up:)

Adam, Parker and me as catepillars in Woodland Park Zoo
I love this picture because I can see that Adam will be a great dad!!

Parker was not so happy to be at the top of the Space Needle

Our second day there, Parker pulled me into his room to show me his pet store!! It was too cute to not take a picture of!

Dying of allergies while trying to get Makenna to smile at the Northwest Trek!

A small glimpse of what it was like to hike down to Snoqualmie Falls.

An awesome picture that Andrew took at the base of the falls.

Seagulls more than happy to snatch a french fry from Ivars!

On Pike Street! I love open markets and Makenna's face in this picture!

Parker all ready to go into Seattle for the day!

Sweet Princess Makenna patiently waiting for the tire to get fixed:)

The stray cat that wanted to play while we waited for the men to change the tire!

On Saturday we were all ready to go to Pike Street but when we came out we found a very flat tire on the Envoy... Adam and Andrew were nice enough to change the tire while we waited!

The sunset on the Pudget Sound from a kayak.

Adam and I kayaking in the Pudget Sound of of the San Juan Islands.

Finally arriving at Friday Harbour!

Adam's African Savannah right in the middle of Seattle (aka the Zoo)

Way up high at the Space Needle Observation Deck!

A year ago on July 7th

On July 7th Adam and I went out to eat at Ruth's Diner, up Immigration Canyon, to celebrate our "One Year Engagement"! I know we're very silly but it was fun to go and reminisce about the night we got engaged. This time Adam put his butter on his roll instead of in his water and we didn't have any "almost" tipping the table over incidents! My life has changed so much since we've been married but they have been good and wonderful changes! I'm so happy to be where I am at and can't wait to celebrate more anniversaries with my sweetheart!

I love this theory on life!


1) You believe in Santa Claus.

2) You don't believe in Santa Claus.

3) You are Santa Claus.

4) You look like Santa Claus.

I think all of us need little chuckles like this one brings! It's amazing how four simples stages can put life into different perspectives!! ENJOY!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All about Adam!!!

What is his name?
Adam Lee Fieber
How long have you been married?
9 months and 5 days to be exact!!
How long did you date?
We dated for about 4 months and were engaged for 3. 7 months total... I finally had to eat my words after saying I woudn't marry anyone i hadn't known for a year...:)
Who said I love you first?
He did for sure! We were talking about how much we enjoyed spending time together and than he kissed me and whispered in my ear that he loved me! It had only been about two weeks since we started dating so I was shocked... I didn't know what to say. He was very sincere and told me I didn't have to say it back right away. A few weeks later we were in the temple and I told him I loved him while we were sitting in the celestial room... it was awesome!
Who sings better?
It depends on who you ask...LOL I think we both sing equally well.
Who is taller?
Adam, by almost a foot! It doesn't matter how tall my shoes are because he will always be taller!
Whose temper is worse?
I must sadly admit that I'm the one who is usually short tempered... but I'm working on it. Adam is pretty chill about almost everything, but he sure knows how to push my buttons sometimes:)
Who does the laundry?
I do... Adam only does it if I'm not home and he needs something washed or if I ask him to do it.
Who does the dishes?
I load and Adam unloads. He claims that he will puke if he loads nasty dirty dishes.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I do but sometimes I gravitate towards the middle. Adam just nudges me and I move right back over:)
Who does the cooking?
I do it mostly because I love it! But Adam is completely capable of making a delicious meal!
Who is more stubborn?
We both are... I must admit that we are pro's at driving our heels into the ground. Yet being married we have also learned to meet in the middle and let go of unimportant things.
Who proposed?
ADAM! It was quite the haphazard day with everywhere we wanted to go being closed but he did drop his butter in his water, thinking it was a roll, at Ruths' Diner. It was cute and even though he almost tipped the table over when he got on one knee, it was awesome and I even cried for a second!
Who wears the pants in the family?
According to me: We switch off. According to Adam: Him
Why do you love your husband?
He really does make up for my weaknesses. I tend to take things too seriously, while Adam doesn't worry about every little thing. He sees the good in everything and he has been continually supportive even when I'm an ornery cuss. He knows how to make me laugh and how to hold me when I cry. He's not afraid to show his sensitive side or bear his testimony. Overall, he really does make me so happy and is continually willing to learn and grow with me by his side every day.
Who do I want to tag?
Cami, Rachel, Brooke, Carlie and Paula

Memories Tag

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together (either with just me, justAdam, or the both of us!). It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fourth of July

Me after my eyes experienced allergies and the spray of insect repellant...
Before the allergies and insect repellant...

Adam had the day off while I ended up having to work from 10-5.... blah. It wasn't so bad but after I got off work it was off to Evanston to see some "Real Fireworks":).... according to Adam. At first I wasn't a believer because I really believed that it wouldn't be very different from what I had always seen in Utah. I was soon to literally be surprised and amazed. They know how to do fireworks in Wyoming!!! There were large fireworks going on all over the place! We took a four wheeler and went to a big hill where we could see fireworks, real ones, shooting up from every other house! It was the coolest fourth of july that I've ever seen. Anywho, any of you are invited if you would like to come next year. Here are a few pics from our little trip. Being with Adam's family is always a blast and we love that they are only an hour away!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flowers and Fish

Here is our new fish tank! Unfortunately we have also had some more toilet funerals... four of our neon tetras followed George's example and refused to eat... I don't know why all of our fish seem to be anorexic but we have decided to get fish from PetsMart rather than Wal-mart. Hopefully we'll have better luck there. I'm beginning to wonder if the deaths of our fish have any reflection on our future parenting skills...?:)

Also, here is my second attempt at flower design. I made this arrangement to give to Kathy and Earl. We're going to see them tomorrow morning and I hope it will brighten their day a little. I remember that the flowers we got for my mom always helped bring in a little bit of sunshine. It is truly amazing how God's creations are really meant to bring such beauty and happiness into our lives.