Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday Will Come

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

8 years ago today...

My little sister Briana left us and went to live with our Heavenly Father. It was one of the saddest days of my life but I rejoice in the knowledge and testimony that I have of the plan of salvation. Jesus Christ has made it possible through the atonement for us to be together again and live forever. My life was forever changed but for the good. In memory of my sister, we are going to the temple tonight to do her work. Here are a few pictures of her. You'll notice in a couple of the pictures that Briana has her arms around Brooke and I. To me it symbolizes more than just a hug but a sweet reminder that she is keeping us all together. Even though our lives were stressful at the time, Briana was the one keeping us all together. I truly miss experiencing the pure love of Christ on a daily basis because that is what Briana gave us everyday.

The three girls together
Our little family!


I love you Bri. Hope you and Mom are having a great day and we'll see you later tonight!

Monday, June 8, 2009

100 Things about me for my 100th post!

Here are my 100 things, so be prepared to stay awhile.

1. I sing at the top of my lungs in the car constantly!
2. I have two dogs and no kids…. Maybe I should get on the ball.
3. I have a fetish with lace.
4. I spend way too much money on food at the grocery store.
5. I don’t like to play Xbox unless it’s Scene It.
6. I say “your mom” quite often.
7. I had a lazy eye when I was little and my eyeliner always creeps up into the crease of my eyelid because of it.
8. I have had surgery on both of my knees.
9. I tend to speak only in Spanish when I’m under anesthetics… ask Brooke.
10. I crank up Spanish music or tv channel when Adam is not home.
11. I don’t take my allergy pill everyday like I should.
12. I check facebook and my blog daily.
13. I talk to my sister on a daily basis.
14. If I can’t get a hold of people in my family I get a gut wrenching feeling that they’ve either been abducted or in an accident.
15. I watch Lost and the Office on a regular basis.
16. I would love to write a column in the newspaper someday.
17. When I get really mad I speak in Spanish.
18. I get road rage when I’m driving by myself and I call everyone “Chancho”.
19. I think about writing thank you notes and then never get around to it.
20. I sent my wedding thank you notes a year later.
21. I love going to see my in-laws.
22. I struggle at times with putting my dishes away.
23. I have fallen asleep in a temple session.
24. I miss my mom daily and cry at least three times a week about it.
25. I’m not a bad person for missing my mom or crying because I keep going on with life.
26. I love Cheeto’s Puffs.
27. If ice cream is on sale I will buy it 99% of the time.
28. I love to have people over for dinner!
29. I am perfectly fine letting Adam mow the lawn.
30. I have the most patient husband in the world.
31. I love him more each day.
32. I have the bad habit of biting my nails.
33. I have yet to break that habit.
34. I sucked my thumb until I was in 4th grade…. Old… I know.
35. I will fall asleep in the car if we are in it for more than an hour.
36. I get really shy when I meet new people.
37. I would love to live on the East Coast and hope that we either go to Maryland or Washington State for Adam’s Masters Degree.
38. I am obsessed with Pike Street and would go there everyday if I could.
39. I still have yet to go to Argentina but I plan to do it someday.
40. My car is my room on wheels.
41. I have a hard time sleeping when Adam isn’t in the bed.
42. I’m an expert procrastinator.
43. I have done the Big Judd Challenge ( BYU-I): Eating a 1 lb. burger, fries, soda and ice cream in one sitting, and I have eaten the 1 lb burger at Fuddruckers.
44. I look at everyone’s wedding photos on facebook.
45. I love going furniture shopping.
46. I hate going car shopping.
47. I totally thought I was old enough to get married at 18 and now I’m very glad I didn’t.
48. Serving a mission made me a better wife.
49. I would like to buy a 22 rifle.
50. I have swum with dolphins and sting rays.
51. My fourth grade class made our student teacher cry.
52. For a couple of years I pretty much copied everything my cousin Lauren did.
53. I miss being able to talk to my friend Carrie Anne on a regular basis.
54. I wish we had a home phone so she could call me.
55. I HATE applying for jobs.
56. My first job was at the McDonald’s in Spanish Fork.
57. I had my first kiss when I was 21.
58. I have a fetish for cookbooks.
59. My family will tell you not to wake me up from a nap… ever.
60. My favorite color changes on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.
61. Don’t ask me to pick my favorite food… just ask me what I’m in the mood for.
62. I practiced signing the last name of the boys I liked in middle school.
63. I don’t make my bed regularly (sorry Grandpa Tate)
64. I LOVE getting together with my family!!
65. Girls weekends are one of the highlights of my year!
66. I want to go to Elko to eat at the Basque steak house and see Kim, Kiley and Gabbie.
67. I play Bunko once or twice a month.
68. I love to plan parties!
69. I am not good at shooting things on the Xbox.
70. I was not a perfect missionary.
71. I used to go dancing twice a week (Salsa and Country).
72. I prefer pico de gallo to blended salsa.
73. I am in love with the tres leches from Café Rio.
74. I was a horrible ward missionary after I returned from my mission.
75. I do this weird thing with my tongue if I’m trying or thinking really hard (I get it from my mom).
76. I have given a 40 minute talk before…. My mom had to signal me to stop.
77. I used to lie to my parents on a regular basis as a teenager.
78. I have called in sick to work when I really wasn’t sick.
79. I have taken one pregnancy test… it was negative.
80. I have horrible teeth.
81. I’ve had two root canals.
82. I get really tired and want to go to bed at around 9:45.
83. I have many books that I have never read.
84. I love peaches and cottage cheese or pears and cheese.
85. I love to hear gossip, but I’m working on it.
86. I frequently find moldy food in my fridge because I’ve forgotten about it.
87. In video games I move the controller in the direction I want to go before I push the button… as if it really makes a difference.
88. I pick my zits.
89. I usually don’t fold the laundry I do for a day or two, or it usually just ends up in a pile on the floor in front of the closet
90. I salsa dance in the house at least once a week.
91. I had a mini crush on one of my first zone leaders…. Hna. Hill you know what I’m talking about.
92. I swear that bugs are mainly attracted to my face… they dive bomb me all the time.
93. Courtney and I don’t talk about our first three weeks together as companions but she was one of my favorite companions that taught me the most!
94. I freaking love to sing when we play Guitar Hero or Rock Band.
95. I really want to watch all of the seasons of Desperate House Wives even though I vowed never to watch it.
96. Did I mention that I HATE looking for jobs?
97. The nick name of my first kiss was “C-Bass”
98. Adam says that I cackle when I laugh or that I breathe in while laughing.
99. I have a hard time keeping little secrets.
100. I want to write children’s books or some type of book before I die.

Stay at home...... wife?

So this is the start of my second week without summer employment. I NEED A JOB!! I can only clean my house so many times during the day (although it is a lot cleaner now that I have nothing to do), before I start to go nuts. I've been applying and applying but apparently nobody wants to hire me. Any suggestions? Maybe I could start a babysitting business.... who knows? One thing is for sure, I do not like being a stay at home wife.... maybe I need kids? LOL

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gardens and Old Friends

We finished planting our garden this weekend, as well as hacking down all of the weeds. It was a lot of work but I'm so excited to have a garden. We planted squash, tomatoes(thanks Grandma and Grandpa Tate), beans, peppers, watermelon, cucumbers, cilantro, basil, onions, carrots, lettuce and cabbage. Here are some pictures of the garden boxes.

This is the fire pit that we built in the back yard. We've already done smores about 10 times with friends and we love it!

Bunker also keeps us laughing with his silly moments. Here he is flossing or scratching his mouth.... you decide:)

Bunker also has a new playmate! Chancey, our old family dog, has come to live with us permanently! These two have become fast friends and love going on walks to the park. They sleep in the kennel together and are doing great! Bunker is way more active but Chancey calms Bunker down as well.
Chancey: The old soul
Bunker and Chancita

Memorial Day

Here are some belated pictures from our fabulous Memorial Day! We went up to Evanston with Bunker and took the four wheelers out with the Bolinders and Kevin and Tress! Bunker came with us on the four wheelers and did really well. He kept up with us for a 1/2 mile at 35 mph! He is one fast dog and he probably ran about ten miles that day. After he ran that first half mile he got really tired so I had to hold him in between Adam and I on the four wheeler. Once he had a good rest he definitely let me know:) Tress and Kevin then fed us some delicious steaks and potatoes! Evanston has become my second home and I love it!
Holding Bunker on the 4-wheeler
Kevin and Tress

Lindsey (Adam's cousin), Robert and Emma came to visit for a couple of days as well! We had a good time and introduced them to the Kong Kone at Macy's!

Cute little Emma