Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Work, Work, Work

I'm here sitting at work and wondering if I should switch jobs (much like Kimmie;)? I enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and the pay, but I sometimes I just don't feel as useful. Since Wade, our accountant, left I have been put in charge of the "books". Basically I get to play with numbers most of the day and make sure that everything pans out to zero. It's been a crash course test with many crashes and few "ah-hah" moments. I like learning about accountant type things because it will be helpful to my future, but I'm realizing more and more that I shouldn't ever pursue accounting:) When I think of accounting this phrase comes to mind, "It's not you, it's me." Ha Ha Ha (insert a laugh or smirk here if you'd like) My dear friend Mary works at Central Bank and she told me that position is opening in July. It would work out pretty well with my school schedule and it comes with benefits (not a bad thing at all). Decisions, decisions. I'm excited when I will finally graduate and be a teacher!

Anywho, life is pretty good in general. Lisa, my best friend since highschool, is coming to live in Utah for the entire summer next tuesday! Hooray! It's the only summer her husband has off at Case-Western, so they figured they would take advantage of being able to visit for an extended period of time. It'll be nice to have her around and not just be able to talk on the phone:)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our trip to Boise: A Thriving Metropolis!!!

Well, for those who haven't heard... Grandma, Grandpa and I took a little trip to Boise to visit Amy and the fam! I've experienced many new and wonderful things during my short stay here:

1. The Cheesecake Factory- I'm perplexed as to why we don't have one in Utah? Also I found a new sweet to add to my favorites: Tres leches cheesecake!

2. Amy has taught me how to eat healthier which is really good since I tend to eat on the go too much:)
I stole this picture from Amy until we
3. There is a Sizzler where ever you go! upload the other ones!

4. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom has been made into a movie? I used to read that book all the time when I was little.

5. Dominos is not just a game any more.... you can also make train tracks with it (Paige)

6. Paige knows what a tickle monster is now;)

7. Maggie Moo's is soooooooooooooooooooo good!

8. There's a reason that there are no out's in tee ball.

I'm sure there's more, but I can't remember it all right now.

We've had lots of fun here and I'm so glad I came to visit! But now I need to plan a trip to Elko and Baltimore for sure!!! Oh how I love my family!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Could a little boy be loved more than this?
Parkerino and Mom

Mom and Dad in front of the Madrid Temple

At Kim's Wedding

Me and Mom looking over Granada, Spain

Figure Skating at the Delta Center with the Densley girls.

It was mother's day yesterday and I just wanted to pay tribute to my mom a little bit : )

As the months have passed on, I remember little things here and there, but I thought I would write some of them down:

--She really did always put everyone else before herself. There were many times that she was so tired and probably just wanted to be alone, but she would take time if you needed her.

--She always asked about our lives and wanted "the details" of what was going on! At times it really bothered me, but now I realize how much I miss having someone to tell everything to. She also would tell us the things my dad forgot to tell us.... ha ha. Now we have to pin him down to get the information we need out of him!

--She made sure that people felt special! I know that's why she had such a profound effect on many of her students. We received a package of books that were bought in honor of her memory for Cherry Hill this past week. Brooke always remembers to tell people that Parker is so smart because his grandma has single handedly provided him with his own personal library. No doubt she would have done the same for Makena.

--She always remember birthdays, anniversaries and special occassions. Now my dad and I are trying to keep up with it:)

Well, there are so many things that I would like to write but my time doesn't permit it. This mother's day was difficult but great at the same time. Life keeps going on but my mother is always there and still listens when we need her. thanks to all of my family and friends who have been so wonderful and considerate! I don't know what we would do without you!

About a boy...

Janet has inspired me to create one of these since I love reading hers so much!

Now I've been told that there have been rumors going around about a certain boy named Adam... Well they are true, so I figured that I should tell you all a little bit about him.

His full name is Adam Fieber (pronounced Feeber, not Fiber). I met him through his brother, who I work with at the office. He served in the Harare Zimbabwe/Zambia mission and just got home at the beginning of this year. He's about 6'2" ( my dad likes that maybe future grandchildren will have a chance at some heighth:), has brown hair and blue eyes. We've been dating for a couple of months, but the commute is long. He lives in SLC while attending the LDS Business College. I, however, still live in Provo and have 1 summer term off. Some of the family has already met him and like him! I consider that a good sign!!! He's originally from Evanston, Wyoming, but I try not to hold it against him (LOL). A fun thing I that I learned about he and his family this past weekend..... they play NERTZ!!!!!!!!!! Twas a match made in heaven, right? Well, that's all for now. I can't think of much else to write, plus I'm at work. Sorry about the funny look on his face in the picture above... it's hard to get him to look normal when I take a picture.