Sunday, July 29, 2007

ummmmm... changes as usual

So some of my "vendors" have changed since I last posted. Here are the changes:
Photography: Jen, and it will be wonderful!
Flowers: A tie between Thanksgiving Point and The Flower Affair
that's all, but they were a good change that saved me money and we still got what we wanted!
Adam and I are in Evanston right now. We came up yesterday afternoon and stayed the night, making sure to see all of the hot spots in Evanston. After eating dinner, Adam and I went for a drive into the Uintahs. At the end of our trip, we ran into some fisherman up at Butterfly Lake. Good news, I caught my first FISH (illegally of course)!!!! We met two nice gentlemen, one from Scotland and the other from Utah, and they offered to let us real one in. They tried to get me to kiss the fish I caught, but I refused and they put it back in the water. Church was hot, since the AC wasn't working but Adam got to introduce me to practically everyone! Life is great and I've never been happier!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The plans so far...: )

Here are the things that I have planned so far, just in case you're wondering:
The date: Wednesday, October, 10, 2007
Time and Place: 11:15 AM Bountiful Temple
Reception: Thanksgiving Point Garden Room (Overlooking the Gardens)
Food: Don't worry there will be lots and it will be a dessert buffet
Flowers: Elizabeth, the wife of someone that Adam works with.
Photography: Heather George.... the pictures will be awesome!
Cake: yet to book Cakes by Dawna
Dress: Allysse's Bridal with a rasberry sash!!!! Ohh la la
Dancing at the reception: OF COURSE.... you all know me, so brush up on your moves:)
Invitations: Amber Ahlberg-when you need the best you book the best!
That's all I can think of for right now. We are having a fall themed reception with pumpkins, leaves and all! The things I'm looking for are someone to do my hair, someone who could do a short video picture montage and possibly some extra linens. I'm very excited and am so grateful that so many people have offered their help. I'm tyring to decide on how to do some of my center pieces right now, so if you would like to chat with me about any ideas please do! So far we haven't registered anywhere, but since some have asked we will be doing that shortly! Anywho, love you all and be ready for a bridal shower near the end of august, or whenever Brooke tells you to be there. Hugs and Kisses!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Lake one cares about that!

So it's official!!!!!!! Adam and I got engaged on saturday night, as most of you know already! Here are the pictures of my ring and can I just say that I LOVE IT and adam of course:) We are getting married on October 10, so mark your calenders. If anyone has wedding planning advice that would make my day because sometimes it seems overwhelming...blah. I will post the story soon but I must be going. Love you all and can't
wait until october! He proposed to me after dinner at Ruth's Diner up immigration canyon (he wants that to be our spot... ahhh) He had to stall quite a bit during the evening because the zoo (where he wanted to go before dinner) was closed by the time we got there, poor boy! Anywho, we ended up playing at liberty park and then bowling one game. He hardly ate any of his dinner and ended up putting his butter into his water instead of on his roll, it was very funny! After we finished eating he told me that he didn't think we should date anymore, my heart dropped out of confusion, but then added that he thought we should get married and pulled out the box. I didn't think I would cry, but i did and the tears didn't stop for a minute. So many emotions but I was so happy!

P.S. the middle stone is an aquamarine stone and I absolutely love it!!!