Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What to say?

I know that you all will be completely heart broken about this little announcement, so here it goes. Our little frog, George, died on Sunday. The funny part is that we bought 3 ghost shrimp, a bigger aquarium and 2 neon tetra fish to keep him company the Saturday before!!;) I guess he wasn't happy about leaving all of his froggy friends at the carnival and decided to stop eating after the first day. We kept putting food in once a day but he would never eat it... so sad but hey it was fun while it lasted. Adam was sad about our little frog but he decided last night that we needed to buy more fish. So we headed off to Wal-mart once again BUT I made sure that we didn't spend $50 again...LOL We now have two blue fish, three more shrimp, two more neon tetras, and an algea sucker fish. We'll let you know how it goes, and hopefully these fish will maintain a healthy diet!! P.S. We are trying to name our fish.. anyone have any ideas? So far Adam has chosen Harry and Lloyd for the two bigger fish because they are always taunting each other.

These are what our ghost shrimp look like
These are Neon Tetras

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Gift........?????

I guess this could be considered a father's day gift? After we left the carnival we headed over to Wal-mart to buy a home for our new little pet! Adam was so excited and made sure that we bought a bridge, plants and rocks so that George would feel right at home:) It's kind of fun to watch him swimming around and it's even more fun to watch Adam! I guess this will be our practice round before we actually have kids... we're going to try and keep him alive as long as we can. Best of luck, eh?!

George's stylish new fish bowl:
complete with foliage, shiny rocks and a bridge!
George having a sleep in the lower right hand corner.

!!!!!Carnivals and Fireworks!!!!!

We started out going to the Orem Fest Carnival and Parade with full intentions on staying for the fireworks... but when we got there we found out just how crazy this fest was! There were tons of people there but we traveled around and ended up winning a baby frog (it had grown out of being a tadpole:)! We had a good time with Wade and Paula and found some good shady spots to sit in while we waited for the VERY LATE parade. We saw the police ride up and down the street three or four times and then decided to bag it and go home. After a quick stop at Wal-mart we headed over to Springville to see the fireworks with some of my dearest high school friends!
This picture PROVES that I'm really really white!
Couple picture after watermelon and root beer floats!!!

Adam's mid-life crisis (LOL airbrush tattoo) and the frog we won!

I think this is a really cute picture of us...
because this is how we usually are... very goofy!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Job News!

I found a job with Pinnacle Security as an Account Creation Agent. Basically it's a glorified way of saying that you take inbound calls from the sales reps and technicians to create accounts and verify the information. I like to call it Data Entry Slave:) LOL It works with my schedule, although I now work nights more often. I just keep telling myself that it is only 10 more weeks and then school will start at Dixon again!! Then next summer I'll have my certificate and I can teach summer school... hooray for non-hourly jobs!!!
Adam is still enjoying his job at the Red Cross and we are getting ready for our vacation to Washington in about a month!
Life is great in general and the summer hasn't been too hot. I received my student teaching assignment and you'll never guess where it is...drum roll please..... Scera Park Elementary in Miss Greaves 6th grade class! Grandma Tate informed me that pretty much all of her kids had Miss Greaves and that she lives close to their house! Crazy, but she has been teaching for a long time and I'm so excited to see how she teaches and runs the class! I'm excited for school to start again and also to really dig more into teaching full time!

What we've been up to!

There is a lot to report on but here is what we have been doing lately! We spent half of memorial day weekend in Utah and the other half Wyoming. Adam's brothers and their families came home for the weekend and it was hilarious to see the boys all together again! They decided they wanted to play ping pong, but not upstairs, so they moved most of the furniture in the family room and put the table in the middle. Needless to say, Monday was full of non-stop ping pong matches. They are all very competitive so Tress, Candace, Paula and I just laughed and then participated in the games when we were "allowed"....LOL

Adam and I went to a park in south provo for a bbq and games with a couple of our friends a few weeks ago. We brought our mini-grill, some frisbees and horseshoes. The food was great the horseshoes were fun, until one of them broke in half.... we really shouldn't buy things at Wal-mart:)...and the frisbee golf course was more extensive then we had originally planned! We didn't lose any frisbees but we skipped about 4 holes on accident.

One saturday we packed a pinic lunch and headed up provo canyon for a bit. Adam brought his fishing pole of course and I just came along for the food:) He had a good time fishing but was a little frustrated with my casting techniques.... I flip the pole like I would pull back a bat...whoops. We really enjoyed having some "couple" time!

My fisherman!

Over a month ago we ventured out to rock climb at The Quarry with Bekah and Greg. I hadn't been since I was sixteen and Adam had never been so it was pretty much a first for both of us! Adam loved it and I enjoyed it as soon as I conquered my fear of heights for the night!! LOL We will definitely be back soon to try out our newly gained skills again!

Here is Adam with his full manchu!!! It was absolutley disgusting to see in person... but he wanted to have some fun while he was shaving his beard. I told him that if he didn't shave all of it off, I wouldn't allow him to leave the house... it worked!

This was the first time we tried out our mini-grill and it was fantastic! We made shiskebobs (sp?) out of steak and veggies. They were delicious and we have since used the grill many times for dinner or with our friends!