Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Domestication and 26 Weeks!

It's official! I've been domesticated and have actually sewn something all by myself! I went to my sister's last night and worked on a car seat cover and burp cloths. They are sooooo easy to make (thus making my success possible:) and I also threaded the bobbin all by myself!! Normally Adam has to come and get the bobbin started because it has proven to be difficult for me to do. Yesterday I did it all by myself and even did okay on the sewing part. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Car Seat Cover (I still have to add the ties and velcro)

Burp Cloths

Adam's Fish Blanket
Side Story: Adam carried this fabric around with him in the store for a good twenty minutes before I consented to make a blanket out of it! Persistence paid off for him! I've still got to finish the binding.

Nursery Animals that we've gotten so far:)

26 Weeks

We're almost down to three months left and it feels like it's coming so fast! I'm feeling pretty good but get tired easily and feel stuffed most of the time (I wonder why? :). Lately I've been able to sit and watch him move around which is so weird but fun at the same time. I don't get any time during the day to watch him move around but at night he sure does make sure I know he's there! We are getting the nursery together and have made decisions on bedding, etc. I'm excited for a chance to sleep in tomorrow but love my job too!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby Stuff :)

So we finally made up our mind for sure on what kind of a crib we wanted to get. At first we thought a crib and changing table that were separate would be nice, so we picked out a crib and then tried to find a changing table to match. Can I just tell you that decent changing tables are expensive!! And, I looked for changing tables on KSL and Craigslist but there hasn't been much of a viable selection that would match a dark brown color. We stopped at Babies R Us today to look at some of the bedding and ended up finding the type of crib that would work perfectly with the space we have available in the nursery. Therefore, we decided to get a crib that has a changing table combo. A picture has been included for your viewing pleasure! Now I just have to decide on crib bedding..... which has proved to be a longer process than I thought. It will definitely be jungle/safari themed, but there are so many choices and styles. I toyed with the idea of posting pictures and having people vote, but since then I have realized that people have many different opinions and I just need to decide for myself :).