Saturday, November 10, 2012

Don't be shocked... We have an update!

     So really I must blame my lack of posts on two things.  Adam didn't want to announce that we were expecting again until we knew if it was a boy or girl and this pregnancy has been much harder than Steven's.  I was pretty much sick from day one and had no motivation to do hardly anything.  This coupled with the fact that I had to work really hard to keep myself from posting anything that would resemble a clue to a new baby, made for no blog posts.  I'm going to attempt to catch up on our summer adventures and post some pictures for your enjoyment.

     So here is a cute picture of our upcoming little addition!  Like I said before, this pregnancy was so much harder and I was sick a lot!  I was convinced that it might be a girl and so were most of the people that knew about it.  Yet, it is another little boy and future wrestling buddy for Steven and I'm starting to believe my mother-in-law's prediction that I will have a house full of boys just like her. :)  I'm excited to have another boy and to see them grow up and be best friends!  Even though it wasn't a girl, I think I can justify a few new outfits for this one without going to overboard.  Adam is excited to add another team member to his future paintball/golf team!  Steve obviously has no idea what is coming but he is obsessed with babies and wants to touch them and play in their car seats as much as he can.  We are due on March 2nd and they will let me try to do a VBAC up until March 8th.  If we haven't gone into labor by then, it will for sure be another c-section.

     We noticed that Steven's eyes were deviating shortly after his first birthday and went to the doctor.  He is definitely far-sighted and now has cute glasses that make everyone who meets him swoon about how cute he is!  He's been a trooper about wearing them and keeping them on, but he has still broken them 5 times.  Luckily we have an awesome warranty for another 6 months and they repair them for free every time!

Here he is cheesing it up for the camera but seriously, the glasses only add to his adorableness!
This was one of the last picture we have in Adam's old house in Evanston.  His parents sold their house and are now almost done building their house in Kaysville.  It is so nice to have them a little closer than before!  

This is my little man and I just can't get enough of him most days!  He is learning and growing so much everyday and I'm excited to be home more next year and not work as much!  

We met Adam's family at the Zoo on Labor Day and Steven loved eating Grandma's popcorn and hanging out with his cousin Duncan!

In other news.....
New life changes for this year included:

  • Baby #2 is a boy!
  • I'm tenured!!!!!!!!!
  • Adam started as an RN on the 5th floor Telemetry Unit at UVRMC and is finishing his last year of nursing school!!  
  • Adam put in our sprinkler system in August and has decided that it is not something he would ever want to repeat.  LOL
  • We celebrated 5 years of marriage in October:)
  • Steven started going to nursery!