Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here pig, pig, pig, pig.....

That's right. I'm quarantined to my house until Wednesday. I have the H1N1 flu but it actually wasn't that bad for me. I mean I feel really congested and achy but my fever stayed under control and I never had to throw up (sorry if that was too much info for some of you:). Not to say that I want to have the Swine flu ever again, but I really hate feeling nauseated, so I'll take the body aches and congestion. The one downer is that I can't teach until Wednesday because I might still be contagious. I feel well enough to teach but the doctor told me that I have to use my sick days. I really, really, really didn't want to but Adam keeps reminding me that I can't be selfish and put other people at risk. I made up my sub plans, took my mask with me and headed to my school. It only took me about an hour to get all of my copies done and the classroom ready for my subs. On a positive note, I will have lots of time on Monday and Tuesday to catch up on grading and get some other units ready to go.
On a funny and slightly ironic note, I was checking my email and found an email from my Grandpa Tate about how to prevent the H1N1 flu, on the day that my symptoms really started to show. Funny... and if you received the same email make sure that you follow those instructions:) I had three students out with the swine flu a couple of weeks ago, so I either got it there or some random place. Who knows. Wash your hands and drink plenty of fluids people.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary:)

So you know how Adam and I are hopeless romantics so here is a recap of what we did for our anniversary and other romantic holidays. (for your viewing pleasure)

1st Anniversary (2008)- Shooting at the range and a night at Little America
Valentine's Day (2009)- Shooting at the range
2nd Anniversary (2009)- Haunted Forest and dinner at the Melting Pot

We had a great time going to the Melting Pot and running through the forest from scary people. Now that we've done the not so usual anniversary date, I think this might turn into a tradition. Who knows? My gift from Adam was very sweet. He brought home a "husband and wife" Willow Tree figurine and The Christmas Edition of the Worldwide Ward Cookbook! I've been coveting this cookbook every time that I walk into Deseret Book and Adam knew it so he surprised me with a very thoughtful gift! Love you honey and thank you for helping me learn how to be the best that I can be over the past two years! I can't wait for the rest of eternity!