Friday, May 16, 2008

What's up lately

Did I ever tell you all how much I hate finding a new job? grrrrrr I think it's more about having to look everyday and not being able to find very many people that are okay with me just being available for the summer. I try to avoid the question but it inevitable comes up.... maybe I'm silly but I can't seem to lie and say, "Oh yeah. I plan on being here past the summer." If anyone knows of a summer job I could do please let me know!
Plans for the summer: Adam and I are going to try and go to Vegas, since Adam has never been there!... shocked? I know, I was too. Don't ask him about it though because he'll tell you about how his family dropped him off at the MTC and then took off to Vegas without him:). We are also going to Seattle to visit Brooke and Andrew July 9th-13th! I'm so stinking excited! I call Brooke almost everyday to discuss what we'll do when we're there! I'm also thrilled that I get to see Bacon and Parker as well! No other plans so far though.
We had a date night tonight that was lots of fun! We ate at Outback Steakhouse, where I thoroughly enjoyed my sweet potato and Adam had some good steak (he prefers GoodWood BBQ but they don't have sweet potatoes:). Afterwards we made a quick stop to Costco and then saw "What Happens in Vegas". I must admit that I was worried it might be a little racy but it was really good and surprisingly pretty clean. It was like a cute, almost clean romantic comedy! Now we are watching the Jazz game..... boooooo.... I keep trying to tell Adam that he needs to remember that we are playing the LAKERS and so most everything isn't going to be fare. Does anyone else agree with me?
For a report from last weekend, here goes my condensed version of the story:
  • We went to Evanston to visit Tress and Kevin. Wade and Paula came too.
  • After we got there we ate a quick dinner and then immediately went out into the country to shoot at clay pigeons. I shot a couple of times and even hit one (!) but mostly I was loading the thrower, and very happy about it.
  • We got ice cream cones from McDonald's and I must say that you that if you've never been to the McDonald's in Evanston you need to stop by! They have like 6 plasma tv's, even in the bathroom, and four or five wall fountains. In a word... it's very classy.
  • We went to church. I made it through RS okay because they didn't talk about mothers too much but then came Sunday School. About five minutes into it one of the elderly bretheren in the ward passed out and had a mild heart attack. It reminded me of Briana falling over and I started to cry. Blah, the ambulance came, took him away and then the teacher announced that he wasn't going to teach anymore but wanted us all to share about our mothers. You can guess how that went for me....:( I made it until he mentioned that even though his mother had passed on years before, he could still honor her and wanted to know how we could do the same...... blah blah blah Adam and I left and he just let me cry it out and eat some of the chocolates I'd gotten in RS:). He's a great hubby and I'm so thankful that he'll always be there! I miss my mom everyday but the Lord has blessed me with Adam and many others to help when times get tough...
  • The rest of the day was fun. We had a picnic for Tress and then played horse shoes. I did pretty well and Paula and I won over Wade and Adam! Props to Paula for being 7 months pregnant at the time!

Not much else to report on but life is good and I'll continue my job hunting! Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Quarter Of A Century!

As most of you know, it was my 25th birthday on Wednesday and a wonderful one at that! I flet like the whole week was a celebration! Last Sunday we had two ice cream and cake appointments at my grandma's and my dad's. Then on Tuesday Adam took me to dinner at the Tango House for a what I thought would be a dinner for just the two of us. When we got there I figured out it was a surprise party because Lisa and her boyfriend were there and my sister was pulling into the parking lot:). Everyone else showed up a few minutes after that and we had a great time waiting forever for the food and enjoying good conversation! I've never had a surprise party in all my twenty five years but I'm so grateful to have such a loving and thoughtful husband who takes care of me and makes me happier each day!

On my birthday, Wednesday, Adam and I made chicken and rice, had Paula and Wade over for cake and ice cream and then headed out to find me a cardigan and an ipod charger. Thursday we met my dad, kathy, her kids, brooke and the kids, and coray and his family for dinner at JCW's in American Fork. The burger was pretty good and the shake was even better! Friday Brooke and I went shopping with the kids to find some new skirts for Tanner's wedding. Finally on Saturday we went out to dinner with our friends Cody and Chelsea at La Vigna in American Fork. It was a week of celebrating and lots of fun! As I was pondering my century status, I thought I would put down some of the things I have accomplished these past twenty five years and also what I plan to do in the next twenty five years! Here goes....

What I've done:
  • Graduated High School
  • Member of Seminary Council
  • Spent one night a weekend babysitting Briana (what cherished time it was!!!)
  • Donated blood at the Red Cross
  • Served a mission in Spain
  • Learned to play the piano
  • Married Adam in the Bountiful Temple
  • Received a 4.o each semester of my education program!
  • Attended BYU-Idaho and UVSC
  • Spent time with my mother
  • Traveled to Spain with my parents
  • Been involved in my wards
  • Traveled to many places in the States, Canada, Mexico, the Carribean and Spain
  • Helped with Habitat for Humanity

Things I plan on doing:

  • Graduate from UVSC with my bachelor's in Elementary Education
  • Teach 6th grade somewhere in Utah
  • Obtain a Master's degree from UVU in Multicultural Education and ESL
  • Have four or so kids.. we'll see how many actually come:)
  • Support my husband through nursing and his masters degree
  • Maintain my certification and teach after my kids are older
  • Travel back to Africa and Spain
  • Raise my children
  • Buy a home
  • Go on a Mediterranean cruise
  • Strengthen my testimony of the gospel
  • Do 100% visiting teaching every month
  • Be involved in the Gang prevention program throught the district
  • etc.....