Sunday, December 19, 2010

22/23 Weeks

My Christmas break has officially started since I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn for work tomorrow!!!!!! I am going to enjoy sleeping in more than ever! I still have to remind myself that not everyone has a two week holiday break... sometimes I forget and just assume that no one else has to go to work (i.e. Adam:). We are headed to Evanston on Wednesday and will be there until Saturday afternoon.

The wee babe has been making his presence known and I swear his feet are sitting right above my bladder! We were at the mall doing some Christmas shopping on Saturday and I felt him moving around. Not a minute later I had a serious urge to pee. We made our way to the bathrooms and right before we got there he moved again and the urge was gone. Adam just laughed at me and I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. Feeling the baby move is one of the weirdest and most amazing things all at the same time! We've gotten some nursery items, a few clothes and a blanket for him and I love to just look at them and imagine what he'll look like in them. I'm a dork but it's makes me smile:) I told my fourth graders that we were having a boy and most of the boys yelled, "YES! Boys are awesome!" while others responded with, "Oh yeah. You're gonna have a baby."

My heartburn hasn't been so bad lately but when it comes, it comes with a vengeance. Tums seems to help and the doctor gave me some tips on prevention. They still haven't decided whether or not to move my due date to the 19th, so they just told me to be ready for a 19th due date just in case. Adam still can't feel him move but hopefully soon. It's reassuring to feel him wiggling around since I'm still a worry wart about so many things. My sister tells me that's normal with your first one.
My sleep has continued to be pretty consistent. I have only had a few nights where I kept waking up. I'm praying that it continues because it is so hard to be a coherent teacher when you haven't had enough sleep. We have a few names that we like so far and the leading contestant is "Steven", but we probably won't make a final decision until he makes his debut. I can't believe that in four months we'll have a little babe in our house. I'm almost to 24 weeks and it seems that like time has passed so quickly.

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's a boy!!!!!!!!

It's official... this little baby proved me wrong and we're having a boy! I was completely surprised to say the least but I'm so excited!! Everything looks great and you could just see the beaming glow on Adam's face all day as he told people we were having a boy. The little one was shy for the camera and kept putting his hands on his face. The nurse pushed on my stomach to get him to move his hands and he just kicked right back at us. I'm also a week ahead of schedule so we'll see when he comes! Loved seeing him move around on the ultrasound screen and am excited to have a cute baby boy soon!