Sunday, January 10, 2010

History of 2009!

(I'm stealing this idea from one of my cousins!)

Here is a run down of things that have happened in 2009:

Funnest Events

Went to Powell, WY and Phoenix to visit Family! In Wyoming we got to visit Adam's grandparents and in Arizona we had a blast at Emily and Santiago's reception!

Hanging out with Steve and McKenna all summer long! They are our BFF's and we're sad they moved to Texas but we're planning on visiting them this summer:)

Helping Chad and Candace out in Colorado!

Tate Family Reunion in Vernal!!!!!!!

Biggest Purchase

The F-150. We looked for almost a year but finally found a great deal and jumped on it.

Fixing Bunker's broken leg (could have cost $300 but we were silly and went to Banfield first) and building the dog run.

Landscaping items for our yard and our attempt to grow grass.

Favorite Movies

Avatar (well technically 2010 but we'll put it in 2009)

We really haven't seen many movies in the theaters because we just wait for it to come out on Redbox!!! Gotta love $1

Least Favorite Movies

Michael Jackson: This is it- Not worth the money we paid.

The House in Conneticut

She's just not that into you - it totally tried to condone adultry... didn't like it

Guilty Pleasure

Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew

Cafe Rios Tres Leches

Asphalt Pie from Wingers

The Office, Accidentally On Purpose, Lost, CSI and Drop Dead Diva (Adam loves Versus: WUFC)

Songs I Loved

Keith Urban- Only you can love me this way

Rascal Flatts- Unstoppable album

Biggest Surprises

Getting Puma, our pit bull, in August

Our leaky fridge that caused us to rip up the Pergo floor in the kitchen and put down tile.

Adam got an A in his Anatomy class


Graduating from UVU with my Bachelor's in Elementary Education!

Getting a job with Alpine School District

Adam getting mostly A's in all of his classes!

Getting rid of any credit card debt and staying that way!


Attending the temple together once a month

Taking the dogs for a walk everyday

Losing 20 lbs.

Getting Adam into a Nursing Program

Having FHE with our great friends, the Sheppard's and the McEwen's, every Monday and doing lessons from the Eternal Marriage and Family Relationships manual!