Monday, August 31, 2009

I have great friends!

So for awhile I felt like I really didn't have "good" friends. You know, the ones that you can always count on. It started about a year ago but I really feel like I'm in a good place now and realize how many great friends I do have! Here is a little tribute to some of them. (P.S. Adam is my BEST friend, but that is a given.)

Brooke- My sister and best friend. She is always there to listen to my silly antics. I talk to her almost daily (it used to be daily before school started) and she knows pretty much everything going on in my life. She lets me spoil her kids a little and always feeds me:) Thank you for being there and tolerating my ranting and raving at times:)

Bekah- (not that she'll ever see this:) Even though she lives in SLC and is going to Italy for a month, we still talk and make time for each other. She was one of my favorite roommates and I consider her a friend for life! We are a lot alike but she is the better version! Love you Bek and will miss you when you leave for Italy!

Carrie- Again, long distances don't keep us from each other. She lives in Norway but we get to talk by google, blog, email and facebook:) She and I have been friends since our freshman year of college and she is also a friend for life! I miss being able to call her....daily. I sent her a package the other day and totally picked up my phone to call her before I realized that I couldn't.... I was a little disappointed LOL. Care, you are so great and know me so well. I'm excited to talk to you at Christmas, whether that's in person or by phone.

McKenna- We have only been friends for a couple of months but she is my kindred spirit! Again, she and her hubby are moving to Texas in a couple of weeks but we see them almost daily! She is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I've met in my life and I'm grateful to call her my friend! Adam and I will be so lonely and bored after you leave but are already planning a trip to TX! SK you are our besties! So many memories yet to be made!

Cami and Rachel- We've been separated because of internships for the summer but I'm so excited to have them back in town! We met in our first married ward and miss being able to see them each Sunday. So glad to have you closer now and can't wait to hang out.... and carve pumpkins in October! (minus the finger bleeding:)

Lacey- My life would not be the same without her! She is teaching just over the hill at Eagle Valley Elementary and she is a friend for life as well! We have so much fun together and laugh up a storm together! I know that I can call her and tell her about my crazy day and she'll have something to make me laugh! Hopefully we can teach at the same school one day! Lace, you are the best!

Heidi- Hello Lady! She was my trainer in the mission and although we don't see each other daily, we always pick up where we left off! She is so good to check up on me when she hasn't heard from me in awhile. We had many laughs on the mission and still keep it up! She's a life friend and one of the best dance buddies I've had! Too bad that Adam won't come with us... we danced up a storm when I was still single:) Thanks for helping me get "back into life" after I came home!

My grandma's and aunts- Losing my mom was and still is hard but I have so many women in my family that are always checking up on me and doing little things that my mom would do if she were here:) They are my angels here on earth!

Tress, Paula, Candace and Brooke- My sweet mother-in-law and sisters-in-law are so good to entertain me when we're together. We have a great time together and they are so good to find out what is going on in my life. I feel very blessed to have them as my family and know that they are always there for me! I really do consider them to be more like a mom and sisters and look forward to seeing them!

Kathy, Kim, Heather, Jill, Melanie and Michelle- My step mom and sisters were put into a hard situation when we blended families but they always make an effort to be involved in my life and develop a closer relationship. Blending families can be difficult but they are doing a pretty good job and have lots of patience. Love you guys.

So I do have great friends and sometimes I just need to focus on what I do have rather than what I have lost:) Thanks to all who are a positive influence on my life!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

ONE Week and 27 faces:)

Maybe if I put a spoon on my nose the first day they'll think I'm a decoration in the room.........

Now I am down to a week before school starts... where did the time go? I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that I accepted the position, but that was 3 months ago. I finally got my keys last week and moved my stuff in today. We've also had new teacher training for the past three days but now we are apparently "prepared". (Whatever that means:) I feel confident that it'll be a great year and that I'll love my kids but it's overwhelming to try and digest all of the things that I am supposed to know about the school and the curriculum by next Thursday. Being in the portable is another story. There are some limitations out there that frustrate me but things will work out and we'll have fun.
My classroom is chaos right now but I'm going out there again tomorrow and Saturday to make it come together! I'll post pictures of course. I can't believe that I'm a real teacher... it's scary at times but exhilarating at the same time. We got our class list and I'm sending out post cards tomorrow so wish me luck and no writer's cramp:)